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    Two happy, healthy adults who met randomly at a trade show and unexpectedly crossed paths again six months later. After openly talking together, Michael found out that Jessica had physical needs which were not being met and that she was looking for someone to fulfill them. He took it upon himself to meet Jessica in person and suggest they make a mutually beneficial agreement to look after each others needs. (It was easy to remember how captivated he was by her the last few times they met.)

    Five months after seeing each other strictly for physical pleasure, Michael and Jessica realized something much more and something much bigger than just sex was happening between them. After noticing that the connection was so powerful and the sex they were having was unlike anything else either of them had experienced in the past, they engaged in an exclusive intimate and loving relationship.


    A deeply loving, trusting, fulfilling, sexually, spiritually and emotionally connected relationship ensued. The connection grows and becomes cultivated even further with Sensational Sex.


    To this day they still discover and reach new heights in and out of the bedroom. Michael and Jessica feel obligated to share what they have learned and achieved with others as they have a mutual passion for contributing to the growth and evolution of communication and love in relationships.


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  • Who Are Michael & Jessica?

    Besides being in a long-term, committed, exclusive relationship...

    Michael Santonato

    Michael Santonato is known as "The Relationship Master", helping frustrated and stuck singles find a great partner and keep a great relationship. His international Amazon best seller "Sexy Secrets to a Juicy Love Life" and "Single & Stuck: Three Massive Mistakes Women Make in Their 30's" has transformed the lives of many singles in North America. Michael is an accomplished Speaker, Coach, and Emcee for Dating Events and Single Mixers in Toronto. Michael is also trained in body language, human behaviour, NLP, Coaching and the very powerful Time Line Therapy.


    Michael has a phenomenal success rate for all clients who finish “The Organic Method of Dating” program. Also a matchmaker, Michael is regularly invited to speak to thousands of people on the topics of Relationships, Communication and Success. His next book "Find ‘Em & Keep ‘Em: A Guide to Attracting the Right Partner" was released December 2015.


    "I believe the quality of our relationships, determines the quality of our life."

    Find out more about Michael and his work with singles at www.TheRelationshipMaster.com​

    Jessica Louise Li

    After experiencing sexual trauma from gang-rape in her teens and nearly losing her life to domestic violence in her late 20's, Jessica now helps couples deepen their sexual intimacy. She spreads a global message of empowerment, confidence, and self-love with her work as an inspirational speaker, published author, and holistic health advocate. She is the creator of 'Fearless Female Fellatio' and helps women awaken & ignite their inner goddesses through her online 'Sex Goddess Ascension School'.


    Jessica is the author of “High Powered Food and Fitness for The Busy Professional Woman” and is a contributing author to the #1 international best-selling book series, "Pebbles in the Pond", released June 2015. Ms. Li has has been featured in various media and publications around the world, including The Wall Street Select, NBC, CBS, Small Business Trendsetters, Rogers TV, and Cosmopolitan Magazine.


    "I have a passion for helping women who've lost their sexual spark reignite the sex goddess within!"

    Find out more about Jessica and her work with women at www.JessicaLouiseLi.com​

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    For Singles, Couples,

    & High-Achieving Professionals


    No Sex. No Nudity. All Workshops Presented in a Safe, Fun, & Comfortable Environment.


    Whether you're making rounds on the dating scene or simply enjoying life on your own, our workshop will help you cultivate yourself as a better lover for you and your beneficiary.


    Discover how to be in the space of self-love that radiates outwards and attracts your desired partner so you can experience mind-blowing sex and bliss together. (Whenever you're ready).


    Arm yourself with an arsenal of tools to satisfy your lovers and allow yourself to receive joy in return without guilt, shame, or embarrassment.


    You know how important communication is in a relationship. Well guess what? Sex is a form of communication!


    If you two are fresh in a relationship or married for 20 years, our workshops help you ignite a sexual flame that may be sitting in embers...or has never been sparked in the first place.


    Discover how to have the deep spiritual and emotional connection with your partner that you've been craving. It will take the both of you to orgasmic heights you never thought possible!

    CEO's, Executives, Business Owners

    Famously written about by Napoleon Hill in his book, Think and Grow Rich, sex transmutation has been used by many of the world's most successful business leaders.


    Discover how to use the power of sexual energy to manifest more financial abundance into your life, whether you're male or female. Penetrate new levels of wealth accumulation!


    Come learn the powerful secret that only a handful of high-achievers are aware of, take it back to your bedroom and watch it blow your minds. (We back it up with the latest brain science too.)

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    Justin William Law, 

    Web Marketing Designer, Cloud Surfing Media


    Married, Professional Lawyer


    “You are the man! You are the master!

    My wife and I cant wait for the the full day event!

    We've been telling a bunch of people about the seminar. We enjoyed it so much.

    After the seminar, we took the assessment survey home and did it at night. We rated each other a 2 on connection. Which was bad but no coincidence.

    We agreed we need to connect better. She said I need you to be at home more with me and with the kids. I said no problem, I will do that. Then I said I need to see you in something sexy, something provocative. I need that visual stimulation, like Michael said. She said okay, she’d  do it.

    The next day I came home and she was in a mini skirt, tight blouse and hot red lipstick!! I couldn’t keep my hands off her!! We were at the basic level of sex, and now we’re moving towards the next level! Thank you!”


    Natalia & Jair, 

    Couple, Entrepreneurs

    Mimi Thrasher,

    Business Coach

    "One of the best things about it was that it was raw… but it was a classy kind of raw. Which I thought was very unique from anything else that’s out there."


    Luke Love,


    “You and Michael have shown me and taught me so much of what is possible in love, in sex, and in relationships. Thank you!” 

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